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Originally created as a therapeutic release following a heavy night of self indulgence, the musical undertaking of Andrew Phoenix Purcell and Nate Ihara a.k.a. Jake Breez began to take shape in the fall of 2009 when the longtime friends sat down in a home studio to demo a concept that they thought to be just a one trick pony. As time would prove, the clever hip-hop crossover began to emerge from anonymity receiving favorable reviews from listeners as the project gradually began to take on a personality of its own.

Since then, the two have been busy writing, composing, and recording an arsenal of songs for their independent debut EP, Love Letters and Hate Mail. The duo’s first effort combines the unique, gritty vocals of Purcell and Ihara that seamlessly compliment one another adding to the group’s dynamic arrangements.

Mr. fisher has developed their own style based on aggressive, airtight vocals, infused with catchy melodic hooks laden over throwback hip-hop beats which capture elements from such influences as Mickey Avalon, 3OH!3, and N.W.A. Offering a vicious edge to the game, Mr. Fisher is a fresh, new entry in the field of hip-hop poised to conquer a generation with their commanding energy and infectious live presence.

Keep it Thick.

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